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Daily Island Updates

- Toronto Island BBQ & Beer co. is Open

- The Carousel Cafe is Open

- Beach House Pizza Pizza is Open

- The Island Greek Grill is Open

- Centre Snack Pizza Pizza located at the Centre Island Dock is open. 

- The Mermaid Cafe is closed

- Hanlan's Point Snack Bar is closed


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Catering Options

Catering Menu

Promising a fun-filled experience for all ages, Centre Island is just the place to treat your group to a delicious BBQ and endless rides and attractions. There is no better way to bring friends and family together than to explore Centreville Amusement Park and all of its unique offerings. From the Antique Carousel and Train Ride to a zoom down the Log Flume, there is fun for all.

For added excitement, our DJ brings life to any party with great music and an unforgettable afternoon of karaoke. A licensed bar service is also available for guests 19 years of age and older.

Contact one of our Events and Catering staff for moreinformation catering@centreisland.ca

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