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Daily Island Updates


- The Carousel Cafe is Open

- Beach House Pizza Pizza is Open 

- The Island Greek Grill is Open 

- Toronto Island BBQ & Beer co. is Open  

- Centre Snack Pizza Pizza located at the Centre Island Dock is Open 

- The Mermaid Cafe is closed 

- Hanlan's Point Snack Bar is closed 


We're hiring! Send your resume to apply@centreisland.ca today!


Island Food Outlets

Centreville Amusement Park Food Outlets
  • Pizza Pizza
  • Scoops Ice Cream Wagon
  • Subway
  • Candy Floss Factory
  • Uncle Al's Smokehouse
  • Cider Bar
  • BeaverTails
  • Café Carousel
  • Mr. Fipp's Popcorn Wagon
  • O'Bumbles Ice Cream Parlour
  • Sister Sara's Cake Shop
  • Funnel Cake Shop
Centre Island Ferry Dock
  • Pizza Pizza
  • Subway
  • Toronto Island BBQ & Beer Co. (LLBO)
The Pier and Chelsea Beach
  • Beach Bar (LLBO)
  • Pizza Pizza
  • BeaverTails
Hanlan's Point
  • Mermaid Cafe (LLBO)
  • Hanlan's (LLBO)

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